• Space Commander


    C9/B9  Playwell

    Battery operated by remote control push button, 11 inch plastic robot walks forward firing guns from chest accompanied by flashing lights and sounds. Press the levers and missiles shoot from head. Original box with inserts.

  • Hong Kong Rickshaw


    C9/B7  PMC

    Battery driven plastic rickshaw pulled by a cloth clad coolie complete with the green fabric shade and original instructions. Colorful box depicts sailor enjoying his ride through the streets of Hong Kong. Note box’s rough condition.

  • Mechanical Swinging Baby Robot


    C9/B9  Yone

    Original tin Baby Robot complete with original box. Rare red robot windup toy on blue swing.

  • TV Space Patrol Car


    C8  Japan

    All original, friction space car, 9 inches long.

    The spaceman rotates 360 degrees holding a camera as the car moves forward.

  • Distant Early Warning Radar Station


    C9+/B9+ MT

    What a find! An early  Modern Toy’s  space toy complete in box with original inserts, . The Radar Station comes with a revolving radar scope, a lighted tower, blinking lights and a telegraph key to send Morse coded messages. The original instruction sheet shows assembly and Morse Code tutorial. Before twitter, this was the way to keep in touch. Old store stock with  box showing the little self wear after 60 years.

  • Swan


    C9/B9 TN

    Keywind Mother Swan and Cygnet in original box. Marked occupied Japan. Bright colors, graceful design

  • ‘Zero’ Space Astronaut


    C9/B9 Hong Kong

    Battery operated Astronaut. Spaceman    walks forward with blinking chest light and swinging arms.13 inches tall, in excellent condition with colorful box and inserts.

  • Marlborough Delhi Durbar



    C9/B9       Marlborough


    Hard to find D87 set from Marlborough’s colorful  Delhi Durbar  series. Maharaja of Chattapur on State Elephant. Complete in original box with Raj, Mahout, and elephant. Star reattached on carriage.

  • Trophy Miniatures of Wales



    C9/B9             Trophy


    Patrol Under Attack. Mint in the box, complete set from the early Zulu War series

  • Duck



    C9/B9      Japan


    Hand painted tin windup toy duck complete with original box

  • Chein Sea Plane


    C9         J. Chein

    Beautifully lithographed wind up toy. 7 1/2″ Wing Span



  • Clown making Lion jump thru Flaming Hoop


    C9    TPS

    TPS toys are the most fun. From their popular circus series, here the clown moves his trainer’s stick to command the lion  who runs in a circle and jumps thru the flaming hoop. Wow. Colorful 7.5 inch tall lithographed  tin windup toy.