• Space Explorer


    C10/B10    Ichiko

    A beautifully lithographed metallic flying saucer. Seldom seen in the US, possibly only marketed in Europe. Saucer moves about floor with mystery action, stops and then slowly rises up on three plastic legs. Beautiful original box shows saucer on lunar surface. Old store stock, dead mint, for those who only demand the best

  • Radar Robot


    C9    Nomura

    9″ tall, silver tinplate version of popular battery operated Zoomer robot

  • Jimmy Sparks Shotaro


    C10/ B10 Billikin

    10″ tall tin lithographed wind up toy of the young schoolboy who controls Tetsujin 28

    Mint in Original box

  • Super Sonic Space Rocket


    C9/B9    Yoshiya

    Beautifully detailed tin lithographed battery space rocket. Features stop and go action with flashing lights and sounds. Comes with original box.

  • USA NASA Apollo


    C9/ B9      MT

    Classic battery operated non-fall action Apollo spaceship with rotating astronaut floating is space. Original box

  • Satellite Interceptor


    C9/B9 Linemar

    Beautifully lithographed 7 inch tall space toy. Satellite unit launcher floats Styrofoam ball in air. You follow it with telescoping tracking and aiming unit. Fire missiles and knock the satellite out of orbit. All original with great designed box depicting the action.

  • V 17


    C 9

    An extremely rare space vehicle. Lithographed 4 inch friction space tank with rotating antenna and space sound.

  • Rocket Car


    C10/B10 Bandai

    Dramatic styling , this vintage tin lithographed Japanese racer is a unique find. 7 inch sparking racer and original box are old store stock

  • Universe Friction Rocket


    C9/B8 China

    10 inch Chinese designed tin lithographed friction space ship. Original box depicts rocket in flight.

  • Mr. Chief


    C9 Yoshiya

    So much fun. Watch the Chief chase around the house with mystery bump and go action, he keeps on going. Early 60s 12 inch tall battery operated robot with lighted dome and smoke emitting from his cap

  • Space Tank


    C10/B10 Ichimura

    Measuring 5″ long, this friction space tank features beautiful lithography.
    Complete with original box depicting lunar space scene. Old store stock, dead mint

  • Space Whale


    C9 KO

    Manufactured in the 1950’s by KO,Japan. The fabulous Space Whale Ship is one of the most desired tin wind-up toys ever to be manufactured. Measuring 9″ long and 8″ wide from whisker to whisker, the toy moves along swaying up and down as if he were in water. Then all of a sudden the big mouth opens wide and then closes as quickly as it opened. The wind-up mechanism is controlled by the antenna. A Beautiful Toy.