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    Space Whale


    C9 KO

    Manufactured in the 1950's by KO, the famous Space Whale Ship is one of the most desired tin wind-up toys ever to be manufactured. Measuring 9″ long and 8″ wide from whisker to whisker, the toy moves along swaying up and down as if he were in water. Then all of a sudden the big mouth opens wide and then closes as quickly as it opened. The wind-up mechanism is controlled by the antenna. A Beautiful Toy

  • Gear Robot


    C9/ B9 Horikawa

    11 inch tall battery operated robot strides forward with swinging arms and see thru gears spinning in chest. Special automatic control switch on head varies speed from slow to quick. Complete with original box.

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    Sparking Robot


    C9 Nomura
    Classic early tin lithographed wind up robot by Nomura, Japan. Keywind with strong spark


    Original box colorfully depicts robot hard at work in digital control room.

  • Rusher Robot


    C9     SH

    6 inch tall plastic and tin friction powered robot can either walk upright or race flat along the floor. Great design. Hard to find.

  • Sparky Robot


    C9 Yoshiya

    Hard to find 9 inch tall olive colored variation of common Sparky robot. Advances with walking motion. Beautiful deco lithographed design.

  • Lighted Attacking Martian



    Among the rarest and most desirable of Horikawa’s classic Martian robots. 11 inch tall battery operated tin lithographed robot walks forward with chest guns blazing. What makes him so special and hard to find is the way his eye light up as he advances.

    B9 Comes complete with original box and insert.

  • R 7 Flashy Jim


    C9       SNK

    Popular 7 inch tall battery operated Japanese robot walks forward with swinging arms and lighted eyes.



    C9    Yoshiya

    Classic Robot

    Beautifully lithographed tin crank wind Japanese robot walks forward with arms swinging freely. 7 inches tall

  • Attacking Martian


    C9/B9       Horikawa

    Eleven inch tall tin lithographed battery operated Horikawa robot. Classic Attacking Martian  walks forward chest guns firing. Hard to find version with lighted eyes.

    This rare robot comes with his original box.

  • Silver Sparky Robot


    C9  Yoshiya

    Scarce lithographed silver version of classic Sparky robot. 9 inch tall  keywind robot advances with walking motion.


  • X-70 Astronaut


    C9/B8 Hong Kong

    Wild 6 inch keywind plastic alien astronaut in original box. Words fail me, one of my favorites, ya got to love it.


  • Popeye Skater