• ‘Zero’ Space Astronaut


    C9/B9 Hong Kong

    Battery operated Astronaut. Spaceman    walks forward with blinking chest light and swinging arms.13 inches tall, in excellent condition with colorful box and inserts.

  • Apollo Space Man


    C9  Mego

    Plastic battery operated astronaut walks forward with flashing lights and spinning chest gears

  • R 7 Flashy Jim


    C9       SNK

    Popular 7 inch tall battery operated Japanese robot walks forward with swinging arms and lighted eyes.



    C9    Yoshiya

    Classic Robot

    Beautifully lithographed tin crank wind Japanese robot walks forward with arms swinging freely. 7 inches tall

  • Attacking Martian


    C9/B9       Horikawa

    Eleven inch tall tin lithographed battery operated Horikawa robot. Classic Attacking Martian  walks forward chest guns firing. Hard to find version with lighted eyes.

    This rare robot comes with his original box.

  • Acrobat Robot

    Acrobat Robot



    12″ tall, this plastic, battery operated robot, walks on his hands, legs or both. An amusing and unusual robot, looks like he came fresh from the store.