• Radar Robot


    C9    Nomura

    9″ tall, silver tinplate version of popular battery operated Zoomer robot

  • Jimmy Sparks Shotaro


    C10/ B10 Billikin

    10″ tall tin lithographed wind up toy of the young schoolboy who controls Tetsujin 28

    Mint in Original box

  • Mr. Chief


    C9 Yoshiya

    So much fun. Watch the Chief chase around the house with mystery bump and go action, he keeps on going. Early 60s 12 inch tall battery operated robot with lighted dome and smoke emitting from his cap

  • Mechanical Sparking Robot


    C9/ B9 Nomura

    Classic early tin lithographed wind up robot. Keywind with strong spark.
    Original box depicts robot hard at work in computer control room

  • Rusher Robot


    C9     SH

    6 inch tall plastic and tin friction powered robot can either walk upright or race flat along the floor. Great design. Hard to find.

  • Sparky Robot


    C9 Yoshiya

    Hard to find 9 inch tall olive colored variation of common Sparky robot. Advances with walking motion. Beautiful deco lithographed design.

  • Chief Robotman


    C9  Yoshiya

    Classic battery operated skirted robot manufactured by Yoshiya. Robot moves with mystery action. Arms swing, dome illuminates, space sounds accompany spinning antennas. Twelve inches tall, beautifully detailed, a must have for any collection


  • Mars King


    C9 Horikawa

    Desirable 9 inch tall tin lithographed, battery operated robot in original Japanese box. Lighted guns fire from chest as robot wheels forward.

    B8 original Japanese box, note wear.

  • Devil Man

    Devil Man


    C10/ B10 Billikin

    10″ tall tin lithographed Japanese wind up toy.
    Mint in original box